Angus hates Aliens

Redneck Angus has to save the world from ...yeah you guessed it. At first glance, our hero Angus seems to be as dim as a glow worm's armpit, but to save the world he has to get from his cozy couch and get his guns in row, he is our only hope. Though the situation looks like a pretty straight forward run and gun scenario Angus has to make a lot of tactical choices along the way. He also has to choose his weapons with care, you never know when you run out of bullets.
Angus hates Aliens is all about reaction and tactical choices against a plethora of different enemies. Every enemy and every situation requires Angus to think about specific approaches making this game more tactical than your usual shooter. Keep your finger on the trigger, think first, then shoot and Angus might get out of this mess alive.


  • 12 action packed levels resulting in 6 hours of gameplay
  • 16 major enemy types with specific ai plus additional variations
  • 14 different items and upgradable weapons
  • every situation has a smart solution
  • tactical decision making
  • awesome soundtrack

Target Platform

We intend to publish the game first for PSP®, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita and PC.

Review Voices

PSP, PSVita, PS3

Tip top quality indie gaming from an unlikely source and a near perfect blend of strategy and run-and-gun action with resource management thrown in.
Angus hates Aliens from Team Stendec essentially takes that formula found in Age of Zombies [...] and made it something special.
Angus hates Aliens sicuramente mi ha davvero colpito e piacevolmente impressionato e dimostra chiaramente che vi e la possibilita di realizzare giochi divertenti senza dover necessariamente sfoggiare una grafia pompata di poligoni e altra roba simile.
if this is truly the last of the "PS Minis" titles, they literally went out with a bang, go grab "Angus Hates Aliens" and other classics before the curtain goes down on PS Mobile
Solid controls, a B-movie plot and a hillbilly hero - basically all the ingredients for a good time.
Angus Hates Aliens may officially be a mini, but it's actually a massive game with tons of satisfying gameplay and content.
Buy it!
Overall, I think Angus hates Aliens is a unique game with a lot of value for $7
The scenery in Angus Hates Aliens is decked out with surprising detail, and the visual effects are impressive


Angus Hates Aliens is a pretty fun little indie game.
Satisfying gunplay, faithful throwback graphics, and a level of tactical depth make Angus Hates Aliens a successful retro shooter.

Press Kit

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In Europe the console versions (PSP, PS Vita and PS 3) is available
Also in America a version is released (PSP, PS Vita and PS 3)


The soundtrack of Angus hates Aliens is done by Myom. Myoms exclusive soundtrack for the game is available in all major online stores You can preview and buy it with the player below:





Christoph Luerig

Joerg Meyer
Team Stendec

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Team Stendec
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